samedi 27 avril 2019

Femmes Fatales - Pulps des années 1950 - Part 2

To some girls it's a job, to others it's a racket : Finger Girl !

The corpse in passion cradle
It's tough for the dance-hall dame who has to look good, talk good and be anything but good if she wants to last in this dog-eat-dog game !

Cold cash pays for warm flash
The hot-eyed dame glimped the money passing from sucker to sucker... Now theu were talking her language !

Shocking case of the bride who vanished... My love lies cold !
You could be the next victim : The racket of fatherless babies !

Blood-lusting - Demon and the overnight blonde

She exposed the killer who boasted, "I killed Nina - I got quite a kick out of it ! "

90 lbs. of female fury that no man or jail could hold : read Savage in skirts.
Expose - A revealing first-person report on the illegal adoption racket : I sell babies !

Come-on girl for the carnival circuit ! - Solving the mystery of the floating nude

Revealed at last ! The legion of money-hungry come-on girls who steer the love-drunk suckers to the gambling tables of Reno !
Passion slaying and the dime-a-dance queen !

Murderously yours - Sleep, my lifeless one

Mystery of the vanishing ten - Peril for Pearl

Solving Iowa's murder of the meanest man on earth.
The weird case of the cremated Casanova.

Passion slaying of the fickle brunette. 365 days in hell.
Murder on the "Sydney Star".

I was a female fagin.
Clue of the cute coquette.

I killed the woman I loved

Girl auction ! See Bodies for barter.
Nude beauty and the flat-iron slayer.

I modeld for crime.
Study in lust. Snaring the passion prowler un the university city.
Flaming wath of the cruise ship Romeo.

Dope killed my brother !
The mafia : Growing beat of the underworld.
Water Street's Public door to Sin

Bride of death/
Mystery of the powdered moth.

Death deals an overdose - Devilscent

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