mardi 26 octobre 2021

Dans le port de Londres...


A raftsman manoeuvring floating timber, c1930-1945

Museum of London Docklands, avec la London Port Authority
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Aerial view of the gauging ground at London docks, showing the huge amount of wine barrels that passed through, November 1920

Tea samples being packed in the Commercial Road warehouses, c1930-1945

A sample of tobacco is inspected by a customs official at Royal Victoria Dock, c1930-1940

Dockers unloading crates of potatoes into a large basket, North Quay, West India Docks, 1948

Trucks bound for Mombasa being loaded for shipment at Royal Albert Dock, 1955

Horse-drawn van loaded with goods on the south side of King George V Dock, 1942

Passengers on the Tilbury landing stage on 14 July 1934. Smartly dressed and carrying hand luggage, they may be about to board the unidentified vessel alongside

The first group of six female recruits to the PLA police force, shown walking in line at the Royal Docks, 1954

A man holding up two giant Mediterranean sponges for auction at Cutler Street warehouse, 1933

The Pool of London, 1927. This evocative shot shows the port in its heyday. In the centre, two lightermen manoeuvre their barge with sweeps in the traditional way

Animals landed from the SS Medic at Tilbury Docks, c1915-1925

The diver Alfred Yates, with assistants, prepares to go down for underwater repairs in April 1930, in the passage between Norway and Lady docks

Few workers possessed alarm clocks, so the services of this ‘knocker up’ were in demand. Mary Smith’s clients were roused by her shooting peas at their windows. East End of London, 1927

Museum of London Docklands, avec la London Port Authority
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  1. Cette photo m'a fait penser à la mort du Pirate de Tombouctou
    Un très vieux souvenir d'enfance me faisait confondre Londres et Portsmouth

    1. Celui que j'aime bien, c'est le type avec les 2 éponges...


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