mercredi 27 mars 2019

FEMMES FATALES - Pulps des années 1950 - Part 1

Meurtre dans la chambre à coucher

Voo-doo - Clue of the tattooed women

Escape from the terror

Murder and vanishing actress

Born to hang

Body on the sand bar

Hell in paradise

Dead actress and the diver - Horror in her attic

The weird honeymoon slasher

I kicked the dope habit

Dark secret of the blonde witch - Red-headed woman and the green trousers

How ovce trapped a college girl - The man who begged to die

Outsmarting the smugglers - Ontario's chemical killer

The trusting teen-ager - The girl in Stanley Park

The case of the unhappy D.P.

I tracked the black hand - Albert Gay, Canada's worst killer

Timmin's unsolved gold haul - The curse of the lost creek mine

Message of murder - Victoria's girl in the sawdust bin

Montreal, No wedding bells - Hull, Strangled nude - Victoria, He watches the waters

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